Abstract Topics

Topics for Abstract Submission are as below:
  • Assessing safety of diabetes medications and technology
  • Big data and diabetes
  • Cardiovascular outcome studies: findings, interpretations, plans
  • Diabetes study populations and selection
  • Dissemination and publication of results and databases
  • Hypoglycaemia: findings and assessment
  • Meta- and composite- analyses: findings and methodology
  • New designs for diabetes clinical trials (including pragmatic trials)
  • Observational / pharmacoepidemiological studies: findings, interpretations, plans
  • Phase 2/3/4 study findings and designs (including special populations)
  • Precision medicine and ‘omics
  • Regulatory, licensing, and development program issues and plans
  • Testing orphan drug candidates
  • Trial conduct including GCP and site training
  • Utilizing and analyzing new measurements and technology (including CGM)
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